6 the hut


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How the hell had he got himself into this mess?  And what was this mess?  Pissed off powerful people, that ugly brute had said?  Not kidnapped, then?  A case of mistaken identity?  It had to be, didn’t it?  They’d snatched the wrong man  ..  hadn’t they?

Who were they?  Running some kind of prison  ..  it had to be Council-run, didn’t it?  All this talk of max security just a load of bullshit  ..  wasn’t it?  Some fucking mistake.  Whatever  ..  he was up to his neck in that bullshit.  And it was going from bad to worse.

Had he known where they were taking him, he’d have made a fuss, put up a fight.  But head in a spin, he hadn’t.  Unthinking he’d put up no resistance getting brought to “the hut”.  A guard had him tight by the arm, guided him through the run-down barracks.  His head was reeling, trying to take all this in.  What the hell had gone wrong?


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