3 the induction


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If Ka-Lan had any doubts that this was all some big mistake  ..  or he had been set-up as some kind of sick joke  ..  when the truck stopped and hands hauled him off the truck bed  –  such thoughts were painfully dispelled.  He was yanked by his bound legs, sliding over the metal floor on his front, hands tied behind.
He flew through the air and landed with a massive yell face-front in the dirt.
“Fucking hell.  Assholes!”

The curse was out before he could stop himself.  But it made no difference.  Hands grabbed him by his biceps and started dragging.  Ka-Lan’s feet dragged behind in the dirt.  The thugs seemed to be dragging him effortlessly  ..  like they did this kidnapping thing regularly.  No joke, then.


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