30 end

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So what’s the verdict?  Can Tarzan prevail?  By whatever means  ..  by whatever twist of fate  ..  or intervention by the gods  ..  does this two-time trespasser onto sacred grounds catch a break?

For the warrior-chief, there is no question.  For him, the answer is straight.  The apeman sinned once  ..  he got a look of the hallowed treasures.  He got greedy.  And he returned  ..  came back in strength.  Armed, prepared to maim.  Willing to kill.  Greedy for the jewels he craved.

Kwoa owes his friend a great debt.  Tarzan has risked his life.  Prepared to lure Jones away from the hostages.  For that act of bravery  ..  for his sacrifice  ..  does Tarzan deserve to die?

What a question? Deserve to die? Like this? Does anyone?  Does Tarzan deserve to SURVIVE?
Let’s hear it for the apeman.  Let’s have a vote.  Let’s have a cyber-referendum.  Call this for what it is  ..  a monstrous injustice.  Any doubt about the result?  How the cyber-world will vote?

Trouble is,  only one man’s vote counts.


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