28 constant barrage

Fatal error

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Two pieces of white-man scum were as good as gone. The beasts would settle that foul mouthed brute -after he’d sweated out his fears for the rest of the day – tormented by god-sent swarms.

The apeman would follow him .. know the same fate. Visited by the gods’ winged servants by day. Draining him off the wickedness eating him up. Swellings blistering on his bloated manhood .. as the winged messengers of the gods drained him of evil ..  bursting on his skin to break free.

Tormented by day. Devoured by night. Sharing these others’ fate when the beasts of the god ripped that wickedness free of that sacrilegious flesh.

But first he’d beg. First the apeman would confess. Admit his crimes. Come to rob. Come to kill. Come to mock the gods. He’d suffer this agonies until the gods heard him own up  ..  when the apeman’s haughtiness broke and confessed his guilt.


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