27 attraction

Fatal error

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Fucked if he was going down.  These stinking blacks – who did they think they were?  Butcher a bloke to death?  Like they’d done with Williams.  Animals, they were, no better than fucking animals.

Fucked if he was giving in to them.  Fucked if they weren’t getting helluva  fight.  Sitting on some hoard of jewels  ..  some idiotic mumbo-jumbo about treasure house of the gods.

Fucked if he was going down.  That asshole Tarzan  ..  walked them into this.  Got Williams murdered  ..  these stinking blacks going for him now.  Well, Jones lived by his wits.  That fucker Tarzan  ..  it was him going down.

Sure as Jones could still draw breath  ..  that apeman was in for this.  Gonna sell the asshole down the river.  Lay this whole fucking farce at his door.  Let that prick take Jones’ place here.  Fuck if Jones didn’t get Tarzan’s balls nailed to this tree  ….


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