25 scapegoat

Fatal error

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Gonna get that fucking apeman.  He’d got them into this shit.  Walking them straight into some ambush.
Get him fucked-over, Jones would.  Lay this whole thing straight on to him.  His fault, his idea.  Fucking Tarzan’s fucking blame.

Where was he, anyway?  Not seen his ass in hours now.  Those signs of beating  ..  lifeless at the stakes  ..  probably just for show.  Probably living it up right now.  Laughing his head off  ..  thinking he had Jones fooled.

Probably fucking away at this chief’s daughter  ..  special reward for leading Jones into a trap.  Belly full.  Downed a jug of some disgusting native beer.  And smirking he’d put one over on Jones.

Well, if Jones was going down  ..  he’d shove that fucker Tarzan down the hole first.  Pin all this on him.  As long as that fucking apeman gets it in the neck.  And Jones gets to save his skin.


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