23 meeting his match

Fatal error

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This white man, this piece of white-man scum the apeman had hired  ..  bullets, muscle, mouth  ..  he was nothing.  Pure disrespect.  Scum of the earth.

This was the kind the apeman had brought.  A killer.  No respect of others.  Spat on sincerely held beliefs.  Greed filled his heart.  Disregarding anything sacred.  Murder to get what he wanted.  Anything to get rich.  All others be damned.

The chief needed no other proof.  This apeman was at the root of this.  Hired killers for back-up.  Men filled with hate, greed and scorn.  Happy to kill to make themselves rich.

He’d pay, that apeman, for bringing such shame to their tribe.  For hiring murderous thugs.  Defaming their hallowed shrine with the minds of such scum.


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