21 will-breaking

Fatal error

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The beast looked hard  ..  this apeman, he acted tough.  Devoted warriors had done their best  ..  lashed out  ..  shown their contempt for his crimes.

And still his disdainful will had survived.  Still his contemptuous spirit laughed in their faces.  This apeman could not confess to his crimes.

That will  ..  that scornful spirit  ..  his sneering strength of mind  ..  they’d see it break.  They had to.  Their duty to the gods.

He’d not live.  This loathsome apeman could not be allowed to survive.  Because they owed.  The gracious gods had granted them a second chance.

It was the least they could offer  ..  for the mercies received.  To break this arrogant will  ..  that sneered in the face of the gods.

Keep hurting this loathsome brute  ..  until he could no longer mock.  Until this apeman broke under the strain.  Sacrificing his spirit on the altar of gracious gods.


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