20 wafting embers

Fatal error

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The gods were merciful.  They’d given the tribe a second chance.  A chance to redeem themselves.
The gods were gracious.  Allowing the tribe to capture this apeman a second time.  Forgiving them for failing the gods.

He’d returned  ..  full of evil intent.  This marauder  ..  come to plunder  ..  returned to commit sacrilege.  A worse crime than before.

Not a whiff on him.  Not a trace of regret.  Only for getting caught.  Not once had this apeman shown he knew the depths to which his depravity had sunk.  And so  …….  A lesson would be taught.

The fires of the gods were within him.  The merciless talons of their anger clawed through his flesh.  They’d beat it out of him.  They’d make this monster regret.


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