19 pit-thoughts

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Unfair, this was all so damned unfair.  Threatened with having the shit beaten out of him.  Being frightened out of his skin.  And what had Kwoa done wrong?  Really?

He was saving his tribe.  Jones was going to kill innocent people if Kwoa did not cooperate.  His men would have shot if Tarzan had not led them here.  What had either of them done to deserve this?

No robbing had happened.  No one in this tribe had got shot.  But dead bodies were a sure thing in Kwoa’s tribe if he didn’t get out of this mess.

Tarzan would have had a plan, Kwoa was sure.  Negotiate with the tribe.  Get Jones taken prisoner.  Settle the matter one way or another.  No robbing, no killing.

Unjust, completely undeserved.  But not allowed to explain themselves.  Any chance to talk was met with a club in the guts.  They didn’t deserve this, him and Tarzan.  So unjust.


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