18 fires of the gods

Fatal error

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The claws of the gods would make him think again.  Talons of fiery scorn for his conceit raking through his evil flesh.  Thinking he could mock them twice.

The gods’ concoction would squeeze it out of the wicked monster.  Monstrously fiery essence from the evil fire-ant  ..  alive in his flesh.  Burning, scorching.  Squeezing regrets out of this wicked trespasser.  Repeat trespasser.

Fires burning under his skin.  Burning away at his stubbornness  ..  refusing to see the evil nature of his ways.  Burning away that pig-headedness.  Fires burning him up.  This apeman would see the error of his ways.  Poisons alive in him crushing his conceit  ..  arrogantly believing he’d done nothing wrong.

The gods would hear him cry.  Elated as he begged.  Rejoicing at him singing out agonised cries of regret.  Before the cats of the forest tore his evil spirit apart.


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