9 together again

Fatal error

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He was in a state of panic.  Back home in Kwoa’s village, they’d take reprisals  ..  if Jones didn’t get back.  Innocent men killed  ..  a family deprived of its man.

The whole village held hostage  ..  under threat from Jones’ thugs.  But what could Kwoa do?  He was held captive  ..  his own life on the line too.  Doomed unless someone caught a good break.

Tarzan?  His indomitable friend?  On whom Kwoa could always rely.  Tarzan who always came through good.  Look what they had done to him.  Monsters.  Tarzan get a good break?  Like this?  Like hell!

How could Tarzan help?  Kwoa could hardly look at him.  They’d beaten his friend half-to-death.

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