5 for coming back

Fatal error

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Since leaving Kwoa’s villagers in peril, he had been seeking a way to turn the tables on Jones and his two henchmen.  But Tarzan had had Williams permanently breathing down his neck.

And also  ..  if it came to it, if Jones’ firepower wiped this tribe out  ..  Tarzan still had not worked out how he’d stop Jones from escaping with his murderous gains. But Tarzan wasn’t going to let him get away with this.  He would not tolerate such disrespect.

But Tarzan hadn’t come up with any sort of plan.  Before he knew it, the net had closed, they had walked into the tribe’s trap.  Ambushed.

Captured  ..  a second time.  And the stranglehold of hatred was pulled tight around Tarzan’s neck.  He had returned.  Back with armed men.  Back to steal.


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