Life’s options – end

Life’s options

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I’m conscious that at many times the language used in this story has been “colourful”. Maybe for some people at times the preponderance of foul-language might have been too strong. And some characters had designs on Conan that extended beyond the normal ranges of humanity.
Also I am aware that for readers for whom English is not a native language there have been a lot of words that might not have got translated by Google Translate. A deal of slang.
If this has caused offence .. if readers found difficulties and dissatisfaction .. I apologise.
The violence was not meant to be gratuitous. Foul-mouthing was not written for the sake of it. Men pushed to the limits of barbaric thinking was meant to stay “in character”, appropriate to the extremes of emotion.
The idea was to portray the hero Conan for what he probably was. Barbaric, uncouth .. not a guest to take to tea with your grandma. And if Conan’s actions brought out responses that were beyond normal decency .. maybe that is down to the character himself. A man whose foul-mouthed vulgarity could bring “the best” out in others too. An anti-hero.
Mea culpa. Back to standard levels of uncouthness and violence on rendsz’ world from now on.


1 Response to “Life’s options – end”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    March 15, 2015 at 01:33

    I love reading dirty and easy-to-understand gay stories. Haha

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