Never give in, never give up

Life’s options

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Tough?  Of course he was fucking tough. Had to be.   Toughed by the shit-deal Fate had delivered him.  Toughened by living on his wits.  And existing on the edge  ..  tottering between fucking others and getting fucked over.

Did life owe him anything?  Not that he’d ever expected that.  Fate?  Did that fucking whore Fate have anything for him?  He’d given up on that bitch.

Captured.  Had the fuck beaten out of him.  Put to back-breaking hard labour.  The slave-master’s whip cutting open his back.  Tough?  You bet he was fucking tough.  How else you gonna survive?  In this crap-hole called life? 

Tough?  Not just a matter of brawn.  A back built for endless months hauling on the slaver’s oars.
Tough?  It was having the shit beaten out of you  ..  left for dead.  Crawling half-dead on hands and knees into a shithole  ..  licking your wounds.
Then  ..  when the time was right  ..  going back  .. hunting those asshole attackers down  ..  exacting merciless revenge.

Like that last sucker  ..  a gang of thugs  ..  robbed Conan of everything he had.  A week later  ..  Conan had crept up on the prick  ..  taking a piss back of the inn.  Conan had got a killer grip on him  .. saw the look of terror in the fucker’s eyes.  Smiled.  Then broke the fucker’s neck.
Tough  ..  a state of mind.  Never  ..  ever  ..  never-ever-fucking-giving-in. 


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