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Life’s options

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Did he have it in for the motherfucker?  Did Conan have just cause?  Did Conan fucking care?  Of cause-fucking-not?  He’d skin the over-muscled brute alive.

All that brawny strength  ..  the muscle-power behind those shoulders  ..  the force that mighty chest could unleash  ..  this cocksucker think that made him impregnable?  Think nothing could hurt him  ..  just because he was that big?  Think a chest like man-tits of solid steel had a man shitting in his pants?  Think again, motherfucker.

Conan had made it his life’s ambition.  Gonna persuade this motherfucker he’d got it wrong.  Dumb-ass, he’d shown Conan the way.  Slammed with that knot in the balls.  Not protection there  ..  sensitive as fuck.  Get kicked in the nuts  ..  a pain like none else.  Good for the goose, sucker, good for the gander.

Did this over-muscled moron not realise?  Was he such a muscle-head?  All his brains in his bowels?  Not realise what he was up against?  What he was goading?  Prodding a mad tiger with a tiny stick.

Conan had done the rounds.  He knew how things went.  He’d get this motherfucker.  When?  How?  Who gave a fuck?  But he’d have him.  And the cocksucker’s eyes would know he was had.  Wide-open with surprise.  Face cracked with fear.  Conan looming over him.  Hand ripping off his knackers.  Teeth sinking into his throat.

Conan would have him.  Invincible?  All that strength in his body  ..  couldn’t be beat?  EH?
No fucking way.



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