Entertainment 7

Life’s options

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That bitch, she must ‘ve drugged him, the idea made him mad.  Not much to look at, anyway.  Ungrateful bitch.  He was doing her a favour  ..  sticking it to her.  A face like that  ..  how often did she get a man up her?  ..  a real man who did the job?  Rolls of blubber around her waist  ..  ..  tits that had seen better days  ..  many years ago  ..  no wonder she was up for sale.
How could she fucking do that  ..  with a real man doing her?  Fucking bitch.  Must’ve laced his beer.  Drunk when his fucking had sent her reeling to the moon and back.  Bitch!

He’d gone mad.  Coming-to  ..  only a short while confused.  Fighting his way out through the blinding headache.  Stuck in some cage.  Jolted around on the back of some cart.  Bound, hand and foot.  Couldn’t fucking move.  Did what he could.  Did what any red-blooded man would do.  he’d cussed the fucking bitch to hell.  Wished her a hell’s worth of the crabs.

Conan had cussed these slavers when they stopped the cart.  Started jabbing at him with sharpened stakes  ..  just to get him riled.  Prodded him in his guts.  Stabbed him in the leg.  Just for the fucking fun of it.  Because these fuckers thought they could.  He show them fucking fun.  Dumb-asses, they thought they could get away with it.  Just let ‘em see.

He’d been fair.  He’d warned them.  Made it clear what they’d got on their hands.  What he did to assholes who tried it on.  Couldn’t say more  ..  made it crystal-clear.  They’d crossed the line.
He’d warned them.  They’d ignored him.  Couldn’t fucking-say they didn’t know.  Once he’d worked himself free  …..  these assholes would know where they’d gone wrong.
Did he give a toss?  Break a few necks  ..  slit a throat or two.  Care?  Did he fucking-hell.  They’d crossed the line.  The fuckers had to learn.  Paytime.




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