Entertainment 6

Life’s options

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Conan had been captured  ..  more times than he could count.  Sold off as a slave  ..  not worth wondering how often.  His attitude at losing freedom never went down well.  Surly looks  ..  menacing moves.  What they fucking think  ..  he’s gonna welcome working under the slave-master’s whip?

These three morons  ..  sitting in comfort on those thrones  ..  bellies full  ..  what they think?  He’s gonna kiss their ass?  Thank ‘em for days in a cage lying in his own shit?  No fucking idea what their beef is  ….  Why the fuck they’re going on like this  …  But whatever they’re after  ..  too fucking late.
Couldn’t even be bothered to ask him nicely.  Now  ..  after doing him over like this  ..  whatever they wanted  ..  however much it cost him  ..  from Conan these motherfuckers were getting fuck-all.  Exactly zilch.

But this other dumb-ass muscle-head  ..  this cocksucker who’d been busting up his nuts  ..  Conan had something for him.  Got plenty for this prick.  Wasn’t going to be stuck under this frame for long.  Couldn’t be tied down all the time so this asshole could squeeze down on his nuts.  The time was gonna come  ..  it always did  ..  and this motherfucking cocksucker was going to get it  ..  rammed up his ass.  Shoved down his gizzard.  Every which way  ..  main thing was, it fucking hurt.  Before Conan smashed up his brains.

Captured a dozen times.  Whipped and beaten.  Carted off in chains.  But Conan had survived.  Conan had prevailed.  Fought himself free.  Lived to fight another day.  Fate helps those who help themselves.  And Conan had every intention of helping himself to this over-muscled brute’s balls.


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