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What had he done with his life?  Birth had dumped him at the bottom of a pile of shit.  And he was supposed to rub his infant nose in it?  Fuck that!  It had not taken him long to feel the heels of others pressed down on his neck.  Pressing his child’s back to the grindstone.  Keeping his face down in the shit.  Well, FUCK THAT!

Years in hard labour  ..  fuckers like that  ..  treating him like shit  ..  eventually realised they were building a cross for their own back.  Building him shoulders that could wield a deadly cudgel  ..  Fists to smash up faces.  Arms that could break necks.  Not his last time in slavery  ..  but it gave him a lifelong bad taste in the mouth.  No fucker’s slave  ..  not for long.

They were all at it  ..  the-great and-the-rich  ..  fucking others over  ..  the way to get rich.  Conan had watched  ..  the whip cracking over his back.  Watching  ..  learning  ..  seeing the way the world worked.

You robbed.  You murdered.  You thieved.  Merchants did it subtly  Conan had no time for that.  He was starving-hungry.  Born with shit in his gob he was greedy.  Hungry for better.  Others had what he wanted.  He was having it for himself.  And any fucker that stood in his way  …  only one answer to that.


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