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What had Ferus done with that puppy he had given his daughter?  It looked so cute, his young daughter had set her heart on the fluffy ball.  But it had turned out to have a vicious temper.  It went for her several times.  It was obvious it had to go.  But his daughter would not hear of it being killed.
It was an easy job.  A quick snip.  Without its balls the dog soon calmed down.

You wanted a wild stallion controlled?  You wanted a male beast to learn damned quick?  Thwack the monster in his bollocks.  Incapacitating.  Pain like nothing like it.  Like an end-of-the-world pain.  A male brute’s gonads  ..  no different from the rest of the wild animals  ..  no protection.  For all his aggression  ..  menace bursting with his sweat out of every pore  ..  this Conan was still vulnerable.  Just balls of soft round tissue  …..
Smashed up into bone.  Unprotected  ..  taking the full force  ..  pain like nothing else  ..  exploding out of the sucker’s eyes.  Menacing.  Muscular.  All male.  But smacked in the gonads  ..  thwacked there cripplingly hard.  Agony.  Instantaneous.  Violent.  Violently instantaneous.

Thwack him in the gonads  ..  hit him there hard.  Let’s see the sucker smirk.  Smack him in the bollocks  ..  and again  ..  and another time.  What happened to that aggressive snarl?  Struck in the balls  ..  crippled in the hands of an expert  ..  that sucker Conan will know pain.  Giving birth?  Nothing like  …

Struck  ..  hammered  ..  bludgeoned.  In less than the blink of an eye, pain exploding out the top of his head.  Red-hot lava exploding from his balls  ..  engulfing the sucker’s belly  ..  gushing fiery hot out of his guts.  Turning to liquid fire in his bowels as the sucker bawls.

Gelding.  What you did to a stallion of inferior quality.  Made sure it couldn’t breed  ..  stopped it from messing up the stock.
Got a head-strong stallion on your hands?  Age-old method.  Get it fixed.  Result  –  less foul temper.  A beast easier to handle.  Easy to control.
And why not?  Did anyone seriously think to breed from this wild beast?  This Conan?



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