Entertainment 2

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“Hogir.  Bring the brute back in.”
The merchants had feasted well.  Copious lashings of beef.  Beer to loosen the spirits.  But it had been obvious throughout that they were keen to get on with the evening’s main event.  Gnawing at the bit.  For the entertainment they had granted themselves.

Preparations for the entertainment had to be made  ..  “to do justice to the occasion”, the hunter had explained.  Meantime his clients had been willing to accept the sumptuous feast he offered.  But it had been the oddest of meals the slave-hunter had ever provided for clients.  For the larger part it had passed in silence.  His guests had not conversed with each other.
It was clear they wanted only for their prize brute to be brought back.  For the entertainment to begin.

They had been lack-lustre about the quality of supreme food he had set before them.  It might have been a mistake to have the beast taken away.  They wanted only one thing  ..  and it wasn’t the lavish spread of costly food.  They’d clapped their eyes on what they’d craved.  And now he had been whipped away.

They couldn’t wait.  And that had been the slave-hunter’s plan.  When the prisoner was brought back  ..  given what they had wanted him to get for months now  ..  when the entertainment got going, they’d be gagging for it.  Hard in their pants.  An occasion to remember.

Hogir had him  ..  got him nicely tied up.  Brought in for a hungry audience.  Here for a good beating  ..  offered as an entertainment they’d wish for themselves  ..  delivered as a backdrop to this feasting.  Hogir providing the light entertainment between courses.



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