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Life’s options

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In the end it hadn’t taken much to capture the thug.  But the slave-hunter wasn’t going to let on.  Not wise to let out that the stupid asshole had virtually given himself up.  Couldn’t keep it in his pants. 

His men did this for a living  ..  hunting down saleable male flesh.  Plenty around willing to take a coin and rat out this Conan  ..  tell where he was holed up.  He’d never bothered to buy himself friends.  Once the trail had led to the sucker  ..  turned out he was fucking an innkeeper’s daughter.  It cost almost nothing for her to slip the drug into his beer.

Came-to  ..  stark naked still  ..  on his back in an iron cage  ..  bouncing around on a waggon down a rutted road to the coast.  He ranted, he raved.  He threatened every fucking man’s motherfucking mother around.  But who was listening?  Who was bothered?  The manacles on his wrists were chained together outside the bars.  Feet chained to bars at the other end.  Virtually fused into the cage  ..  at-one with iron bars.  No escape.

Not feeding him  ..  to weaken him  ..  that made no difference  ..  his pig-headedness fed on his foul temper.  The men had orders never to release him, not once.  He pissed where he lay  ..  he lay in his own shit.  For hot stinking days crossing the sea.  No getting away.
These three clients had been generous with their fee.  And the slave-hunter meant to collect.



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