Life’s options

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In episode panels Conan is modelled by Niko Antonyan
Tomas Bures acts as his tormentor

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Ferus had known he was an animal . What else could do that to his daughter?  And then sit laughing and drinking waiting till his thugs had had their turn?  Hunted down  ..  like a wild cat.  Trapped in a cage  ..  mad as a cornered tiger to get free.  Now they had him  .. roped into a frame for punishment.

Ferus couldn’t wait to get this hands on it.  Never do anything like that again  ..  guaranteed.

By the gods, he must stink.  Hakan dealt in human flesh.  He shipped slaves and human shit around.  But never had his eyes had to suffer such a depravity. 

And it was because of THIS  ..  something this dissolute that he had lost a son?  A noble captain, a good head for business on his shoulders.  To this debauched stench he owed that loss?


He was powerfully built, muscled  ..  shown he could throw a hefty punch.  Azoth could find a buyer for this.  The fight arenas were always looking for fresh stock.  In the ring, four against one.  A physique like that might last out more than a single fight.

Or with this attitude, this sneering scorn for the men who nad beaten him into place under the frame  ..  Azoth knew clients with special tastes.  The more pig-headed the better.  Some sucker who’d not bend under torture . Liked them like that  ..  tough enough that they’d rather die first.

But ..  these other two  ..  his partners  ..  they weren’t letting him go.  So how much was this Conan’s hide worth to them?  What value did they put on hearing this brute scream?



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