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Go fuck yourself!  Couldn’t this asshole Conan find a better way of putting it?  Azoth’s man with his big maulers on Conan’s dick grinned  ..  knowingly.  Asking this dumb sucker, You think we’ve not been down this way before?  Think we’re hearing that for the first time?  All the assholes start off like that.

It was a long slow squeeze he gave.  First, just a light indication of greater pressure.  But then a slow-relentless increasing of the squeeze of his grip.  The sucker was sweaty down there  ..  he’d put up quite a fight to stay free of these restraints.  Worked himself up a sweat.  His knackers were hot in the palm of his hand.  The prick wriggled  ..  he hoped to slick himself out of the menacing grip.  The fucker could wriggle.  This asshole could squirm.  But this vice on his bollocks were not letting him go free.

Long  ..  slow  ..  infinitesimally tighter.  The asshole gave a sudden twist with his hips  ..  his balls making a bid for escape.  In response the body-hugging ring of thumb and finger around the top of this prick’s ballsack gave a tug.  A sharp downwards tug.  THAT brought a wince to the asshole’s eye.  This asshole thought he was some tough-nut.  Reckoned he was some real hard-case.  But bollocks were bollocks  ..  and tortured, they screamed.

Hot, sweaty, the hairs on his bollocks clammy with the sucker’s sweat.  Slowly tightening.  Relentless and agonisingly slow.  The pair glared into each other’s face.  This asshole Conan growled his meaningless threats.  But his attacker gave no sign of strain  ..  what effort did it cost to keep your hand crushed on a sucker’s hairy bollocks?  His smirk gave no sign of impatience.  He had time on his side  ..  no need to rush things, the pair of them had all day.  Bags of time to test each other out. Which had the bigger balls  … 

The pair of them could perform their slow tortured dance for hours if it pleased.  But which of the fuckers was going to blink first?


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