Counting on gold 1

Life’s options
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In these episode panels Conan is modelled by Tom Coleman

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Frankly he didn’t care what happened to the asshole.  All he wanted was his gold back.    Personally  ..  he didn’t give a toss how this prick was dispatched.  Once he’d squeezed this motherfucking robber for what Azoth wanted back  ..  his interest in the asshole was spent.  Just wanted back what he was owed.

A day  ..  a day with the asshole in his cellars  ..  that was going to be more than enough.  No problems squeezing the answers from this prick.  After all, this was the business he was in.  His cellar was fully equipped  ..  he had the boys for the job.  Lending out money, that was how he made his living.  And strange how so many got it into their heads they didn’t have to pay it back.  Or argued they hadn’t got their payments. 

Dealing with missing cash  ..  getting his hands on money he was owed  ..  that was what he paid the guys for.  And they were the best.  A couple of hours in the cellars with his boys  ..  strange how the poorest debtors always managed to put their hands on the cash.

This cocksucker Conan gonna be any different?  No one had lasted out more than a few hours against his boys.  A whole day?  The asshole would be begging them to believe his tale.

Word was, this was some hard-case.  Tough as they came, so they said  .  A hard nut to crack.  But his boys knew how to turn the screws  ..  twist the truth out of some motherfucker’s balls.  Hard-nut, eh?  Azoth’s boys would rise to the challenge  ..  might even enjoy a bit of a fight.  But they had a reputation to maintain  ..  and a job to hang on to.
A whole day.  Squeezing the truth out of this motherfucker.  Hard-case, eh?  Azoth put his money on his boys.


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