Counting on gold

Life’s options

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Hunted down, cornered, overwhelmed by numbers.  Taken captive.  It’d happened before, it’d happen again.  So far luck had been against him.  These fuckers hadn’t given him a chance.  Kept him in a cage  ..  like a beast.  Ate in the cage, drank there, shat there.  Not a single chance to lash out  ..  crack a few heads.

But he was out now.  Being shoved hooded and in chains to this courtyard.  Who were these three motherfuckers  ..  sitting in comfort watching him?  Like they had some claim on him.  What they fucking want?

That slaver  ..  what crap he on about?  These three motherfuckers  ..  they’d got what they paid for?  They’d got Conan captured  ..  for them?  What the fuck for?  Never seen the assholes in his life?  What they on about?  What they want?

These thugs had got him tied up again.  Spread-eagled under this frame.  Gonna be some beating.  Conan was gonna get a whipping.  So what was new  …? 

Fuck knew what for.  But what the hell!  Things were looking up.  He was outta that cage.  Tied up for now.  But they couldn’t keep him here  ..  weren’t gonna leave him tied under this punishment frame.  They’d move him on.  Then he’d strike.

Done it before  ..  got himself captured  ..  got away.
Done it before  ..  he’d do it again.



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