Ambushed 6

Life’s options

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It was up to him  ..  the brute could decide.  Ferus was a fair man.  Conan had a fighting chance. To choose how much he let the whittled end of the stake enter him.  How fast.  How far.  How wide inside him.

When the pain got too much  ..  when his innards were being agonisingly stretched by the widening stake  ..  when this prick feared getting impaled on the stake  ..  the monster was free to use his strength again.  Ferus was giving him a fighting chance.  He could pull himself up.  Put it out of himself.  Use the power in those shoulders to ease himself upwards.  Ferus was known as a reasonable man.

And that anticipation was going to keep Ferus riveted to the spot.  Not able to drag himself away.  That tantalising torture to the hardness in his breeches.  Ferus knew he’d be mad with desire  ..  aching to see the brute impale himself.  But the taste of self-torture would also be excruciatingly sweet  ..  Ferus torturing himself as his eyes feasted on the growing desperation in that straining muscle.  Content that it was only a matter of time.
Time locked in an unfair tussle with that stinking brute’s strength.



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