Ambushed 4

Life’s options

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A whole day, but not enough hours  ..  not for everything he would like to see done to this rapist.  But if a thing was worth doing, it was worth doing well.  Well-and-truly fucked.

His man knew to drag it out  ..  he appreciated the value of pleasing his master  ..  giving his master what he wanted.  And what his master wanted most in life  ..  this beast was to suffer. 

His master wanted him hurt  ..  unbearably hurt.  He wanted the savage humiliated  ..  crushingly humiliated.  He’d love it if the brute went mad with this shame  ..  like his daughter had gone insane.  This stinking monster was fucked.  The rapist monster was getting fucked over  ..  countless times.  His own ass singing with the agonies his master’s daughter had suffered.  None of these thugs seemed reluctant.  Not one had held back  ..  went for it with gut-grinding savagery.  Did what it took for an extra coin.

His asshole was going to be gouged out red-raw.  Scorched burning-raw of any lining.  Ferus looked over the henchmen his man had hired.  One of them tucking himself back in, buttoning up his breeches  ..  another waddling forward with his pants down to launch himself onto the brute’s burning ass.  Each looked as if they go at it all day  ..  anything for the extra cash.



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