Ambushed 3

 Life’s options

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That smarmy bastard on his throne  ..  what was his beef?  Why put himself out and get Conan captured and caged?  Thugs said something about raping the asshole’s daughter.  And Conan was supposed to remember which one?

The prick didn’t want it to happen?  Then the asshole should keep the bitch at home.  Under lock-and-key.
What the fucker expect?  Conan’s gonna pay for it?  See what you fancy.  Grab what you fancy.  Fuck what you fancy?  Life’s golden rule.
Pay for it?  Conan was rarely that desperate.

He’d seen the barrel.  He’d got nothing on.  Conan knew what was coming.  Didn’t take much to work that out.
What did that asshole think?  Conan not got himself raped before?  Not had some thug get him tied up and then stick it up him?  What planet this dickhead been living on?  Barbaric times, barbaric ways.  You grabbed what you could.

Not gonna take it lying down, though.  Fuck that.  He’d fight them every inch of the fucking way.  They wanted to stick it to him  ..  they’d fucking work for it.  Take a few down on the way.
Others had tried.  Some had managed it.  None were still walking this earth, though.
Another of Conan’s golden rules.  And for that he’d didn’t make exceptions.  Not planning on starting right here.




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