Ambushed 2

Life’s options

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Valentino Medici models for Conan in this chapter

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A day each, they had agreed.  The merchants had got together  ..  funded this manhunt  ..  commissioned the slave-hunter.  And they each got a day  ..  their own way to come to terms with the beast.  Ferus couldn’t wait.  A day would not have enough hours for the payment he required.

In his cellars Ferus’ men had stripped the dog of all dignity  ..  what had this scumbag left his daughter?  Brought out into the courtyard in just a merest covering  ..  for decencies’ sake while female serving slaves were still around.  Later  ..  there’d be no need for that even  ..  once things got going  ..  in private.
How much had his thugs left his daughter to cover her shame and dignity?

He was revolting.  Thick muscled shoulders, grossly hairy  ..  stinking armpits, grime-clung to his chest.  Barbaric indeed.  Ferus could have thrown up at the sight.  He reckoned he could smell the stench from here.  Repulsed by this vile specimen of humanity that his men were dragging in.  He looked every bit as uncouth as Ferus had imagined the brute.
And THAT had been slavering all over his poor daughter  ..  ramming his stinking cock into her  ..  laughing out loud as he enjoyed her shriek.



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