Lost son 4

Life’s options

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He yelled out in surprise.  Shocked at being brought back.  The second bucket of water hit him in the face.  He swallowed half of it  ..  choking, gagging.  Swaying and rocking like mad.  Shaking his head.  Nearly shaking himself off  ..  sitting astride this fucking wedge.

He bawled out in anger.  Furious to find himself here.  Knocked out  ..  then mounted on this fucking thing.  Legs tied down, rope up his back.  Stuck.  Madly he wriggled, furiously he squirmed.  Angry he twisted into every position  .. wildly fighting to break free.

It hurt.  Every fucking move hurt.  It dug in.  Digging in between the legs.  A metal capped edge  ..  designed to dig in deep.  Stab him in the balls.  Designed to grind pain into his very core.

Like a mad dog Conan howled.  Like an animal trapped he fought.  Maddened he fought back tooth and nail.  He struggled to claw his muscled weight off this fucking edge.  And every single move hurt like hell.


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