Lost son 3

Life’s options

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Why hadn’t they been expecting it?  Hadn’t the idiots been warned?  This brute was a monster.  A wild animal.  A fiend.  How could they let him get the better of them?  Even for a few moments?

They’d knocked him out cold.  They’d beaten the sucker half-dead.  Their only way  ..  after he’d taken back the upper hand.  They’d kicked the shit out of the brute.  Smashed the beast into the ground.  Punched.  Kicked.  Pummelled into the dirt.  Down where scum like him belonged.

Let him smirk.  Let the beast think he was invincible  .. couldn’t be beat.  Once they had him positioned  ..  as his own dreams had imagined the brute  ..  got him there  ..  where this brute Conan would know the meaning of the word.  Learn to REGRET.

Then the smirk would evaporate from his damned face.


2 Responses to “Lost son 3”

  1. 1 miguel0525
    February 10, 2015 at 12:15

    Please put in the text of the panels aside, thank you very much

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