Lost son 2

Life’s options

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He’d seen it a hundred times.  He’d gone over in his head a thousand times.  Each time different.  Added an extra twist.  Squeezing another ounce of pain out of that monster’s nuts.

He’d imagined his smirk.  In his mind’s eye he had bristled at the brutish arrogance  ..  at this beast laughing in his face.  Believing there was nothing he could do to the brute.  Spitting his disdain back in his face.  This arrogant self-belief.  This haughty confidence.  This total lack of regret.

He’d wipe that smirk off his face.  He vowed it.  He owed it to his son.  This monster would be laughing on the other side of his face.  The brute would know the hounds of hell gnawing at his balls.  Sweat running out of every pore  ..  the sweat of pain. 


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