Lost son 1

Life’s options

Click on image for episode

Illustrations – in each chapter  a fresh model muscles in to play out a merchant’s dream for Conan

That was the deal. Club together .. raise the funds .. have the brute chased down. Then each would have his turn.
Each had his gripe. All three of them had an axe to grind. Get him taken, captured. And they’d each have their own go .. their time with the mad dog. Claiming back what the beast owed.

The news had come racing back. The beast was caged. Being brought back. Each client had dreamed his dream. Each of them .. in his own way .. each had planned what they’d do with the brute. A day .. a day of restitution .. paying back for losses.
Finally they’d confer. After each had exacted payment .. a meeting to decide. Humanity had to be released .. freed from this threat. The world could breathe a sigh of relief. This monster known as Conan .. soon that beast would become extinct.




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