Logan rides again


It’s been a couple of weeks  ..  time with Ka-Lan in the cage  ..  yet Logan has still been upping the ante.   Sticking it to Aryobarzan and her crew.
In case anyone’s forgotten ..  out-of-sight, out-of-mind  .. reminding us of his predicament  ..  while Logan keeps getting it in the ass  ……

Logan kicks off again asap.  
From this starting point  ….

Her patience was exhausted. She’d dealt with enough mulish males who thought too much of themselves. A bit of hard-work .. grinding their knuckles into the ground. A degree of painful reminders .. beating their asses till they begged. In time they’d all knuckled under.
She had a lot riding on this prick. She never set out on a venture to fail. She had her reputation to keep up. And already she’d seen some looks from the guys. Wouldn’t dare to utter a word, her men were too canny for that. But she’d read those furtive glances .. was the boss losing her touch?
Mortensen Jr .. he was going to send for this asshole back. And she had promised herself .. he’d get this prick back gift-wrapped. Broken-in .. broken-down. This arrogant asshole was her ticket out of this hellhole full of stinking male hides. She was worth more. And she was gonna show Mortensen Jr.
This asshole .. he was her meal-ticket .. once she’d parcelled him up and sent the broken goods back to Mortensen Jr .. he’d find a place for her .. a man of his standing, he could always find a place for a woman of her skills. All that was needed .. break this camel’s back. She had done with beating about the bush. That last act of defiance from this asshole .. the final straw. No more pussy-footing around


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